During individual online conversations, together with parents, we look at the challenges that they face and look for the best solutions for their family. I share my substantive knowledge with parents, giving them resources to consciously support their child’s development as well as help them to build a good and loving relationship with their child. When working with families I am guided by close upbringing principals, Collaborative-Proactive Solutions, Polyvagal theory and Self-Reg. As a Safe & Sound Protocol provider, I truly believe that in order to thrive in life we need to feel safe, in our environment, in our families, in ourselves and that is always the goal of my work.
In my work with families, I use the innovative Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) and FOCUS ILS intervention. SSP is an intervention that supports both children and adults in strengthening the nervous system, regulating emotions, reducing anxiety and coping with stress in a broad sense which can help to reach the safety goal. For more information readd the separate pages: