Focus iLS

The Focus System is a clinical-level intervention designed for home use, consisting of therapeutically-treated music combined with fun movement activities, and, when ready, cognitive challenges to further activate brain networks.

Focus System programs provide simultaneous multisensory input to help develop new and reinforce existing pathways governing the organization of the body and brain function.

Therapeutic music is delivered via iLs’ air and bone conduction headphones,providing appropriate auditory, visual and vestibular stimulation, which helps the nervous system develop. This ability of the brain to change in response to stimulation is known as “neuroplasticity.” iLs builds a solid foundation for learning and communicating through repeated, gentle stimulation of the following systems:

Focus may help for:

  • coordination, balance, focus, self-regulation
  •  pitch discrimination, auditory processing, reading, mood, concentration, and balance.
  •  reading, hand/eye coordination, balance, sports
  • attention, calm, athletics, coordination, daily movement, confidence
  • behavior; ability to focus; the calm state which allows one to better focus on higher cognitive functions
  • motor control; “automaticity” (motor activities becoming automatic); processing
  • processing speed, cognitive functions, emotional health
It can be used by kids as well as adults. The lenght of the intervention depends on the challenges that the client wants to work on as well as the recommended programe for the purpose. 

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