Safe and Sound Protocol

 What is SSP?

Safe & Sound Protocol ™ (SSP) is a five-hour auditory intervention designed by Dr. Stephen Porges to reduce stress while increasing social engagement, mental resilience, and emotional regulation skills. Based on Dr. Porges’ polyvagal theory, calming the physiological and emotional state opens the door to better communication and more effective therapy. 

SSP is an innovative therapy based on over 40 years of scientific research, showing significant changes in the following areas:

  • Regulation of emotions
  • Social difficulties
  • Auditory sensitivity / misophonia
  • Anxiety and Trauma Challenges
  • Attention problems
  • Autism, ADD, and ADHD
  • Motion sickness
  • Selective mutism
  • Hearing processing disorder
  • Sensory processing disorder
  • Depression

This non-invasive intervention can be done in your own home (if there are no contraindications), under my remote supervision, and is suitable for both children and adults. Therapy involves listening to music that has been specially processed to fine-tune the nervous system (regulatory state) to introduce a sense of safety and the ability to engage in society. This allows for a better interpretation of not only human speech but also the emotional meaning of language. When interpersonal interactions are improved, spontaneous social behavior, and an increased ability to learn, self-regulate and engage are often observed.

SSP Summary from Dr. Stephen Porges

Porges’ polyvagal theory shows that the pursuit of security is what drives human behavior. Consequently, what we often refer to as ‘bad’ behavior is actually fight-or-flight behavior, an adaptation of the nervous system, designed to protect against a perceived threat.

Will my child cope with such long listening?

The length of listening is carefully adjusted to the capabilities of the listener’s nervous system both before the start of the protocol and also during the protocol. The music your child listens to is pleasant music from Disney movies. While listening, the child can perform quiet activities that will help to maintain attention, feel safe, and bring pleasure to listening, such as coloring, playing with dough, sticking, etc.

How long does it take to listen to the ssp?

The entire protocol takes 5 hours, but the length of the intervention depends on the individual capabilities of the listener’s nervous system. This can range from 10 days, with a listening frequency of 30 min / h, to several weeks, and even longer if the listening time cannot exceed a few minutes per day.

Can a parent also use SSP?

Yes. SSP is an intervention intended for both children and adults. There is an adult and child set of music that can be adujsted to the client’s prefernece.

What do i need to listen to the SSP?

To be able to start SSP, you need good quality headphones, a smartphone or tablet and, above all, a qualified provider who will watch over the entire protocol.