The greatest gift a parent can give to their child is to build a safe relationship with him. A relationship that is filled with unconditional love, acceptance and care. This is the minimum that can become everything. It is a foundation to build their whole world.

Welcome to Safe Psychology

“If you want to improve the world, start by making people feel safer.” 
Stephen Porges


We came to Marta in a situation where we were increasingly concerned about the behavior of our ten-year-old daughter. Marta supported us, giving us strength, showing understanding and motivating us to act. Thanks to Marta, we have gained understanding, awareness, direction and support that we can pass on to our daughter.And we know that whenever we need help and support, Marta will help us. If you are wondering if Marta can help you, don't waste your time and contact her 🙂 Do not be afraid of remote consultations, in my opinion they are even better;)
Father of 10 year old girl