About me

I am a psychologist, PhD in child development, and mother of two children.
Child development has never been just something I do for work, it has been and will always be a great fascination! In recent years, I deepened my knowledge on twice exceptionality, giftedness, high sensitivity, autism, ADHD, and above all, anxiety.  I completed courses that gave me skills and knowledge to coach the families that experience challenges with the above. Additionally, I am Safe & Sound Protocol and FOCUS provider.

There is nothing more valuable in the life of every child than a deep relationship with a parent and an appropriate developmental environment. I  believe that every child has a great desire for closeness, therefore the greatest gift that a parent can give to their child is building a safe relationship with him, filled with unconditional love. Parents are extremely important in the process of helping their kids and by empowering them, the children will get the best prospects for reaching their optimal development.  
I am working according to:
  • Polyvagal theory
  • Close upbringing
  • Collaborative-Proactive Solutions
  • Self-Reg

Marta Bakker, PhD